Research & Development

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How do we ensure our programs are effective

Rukungiri Women Integrated Development Foundation invests in Research and Development (R&D) as a key driver of our ambition to become a sector leader in the field of improving the economic and social wellbeing of women and girls affected by poverty in Uganda.

RWIDF has over years worked along with international and national partners to lobby for schoolarships for its staff to advance their knowlodge in evidence based programing and project implementation, This has ensured that the target results for every project implemented are realised.

Evidence based interventions

Our R&D efforts will see the creation of an integrated and gender sensitive programing  across all levels of a project implementation. This system will see the development of scientifically tested and evidence-based interventions and tools to guarantee the highest standards of quality.

These efforts are designed to ensure the provision and increased scale of quality services and accoutability both to the our donors and beneficiaries – both by ourselves and through our network of partner organisations. All this will ultimately contribute to ensuring the increased resilience and improved economic and social wellbeing of poor and rural women in Uganda. Our approach will also help to establish protective and supportive communities that respect the rights of Women and children.

Combining academic research with our daily activities with women and girls

Rukungiri Women Integrated Development Foundation designs projects and programs basing on proven to work approaches, Our programs at RWIDF are designed to directly and indirectly meet the needs of the communities that we work towards uplifting. RWIDF conducts several Data quality assurance studies during project implementation to track progress from the initial baselines conducted and ends with final evaluations to ascertain the level of project results achieved. RWIDF through its extensive research and innovation program, it deploys proven models and approaches for example the rights based approach, SASA model, VSLA model, SILC, Merry go round, Male engage, LRRD and DRR approaches,  among others.

Meeting the varying needs of women and children

Rukungiri Women Integrated Development Foundation (RWIDF) through its robust program development strategies carefully conducts needs assesments that inform the project development and design processes.  This is done so as to make informed decesions to demploy and influence polices, interventions and actvities  that meet the varyings needs of women and girls that RWIDF strives to empower socially and economically.

Our publications

Rukungiri Women Integrated Development Foundation (RWIDF) has conducted several studdies and publications in its areas of implementation, We have also published several documents for example case managment guidlines extracted from the Ministry of gender and social development guidlines for consumption by local authorities like LCIs, CDOs among others as a way of facilitating the case management processes. Please expolore below some of our current publications