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Our Cause

Women living in rural Uganda areas are vulnerable to many challenging issues. In a keen look at the subject amongst them are discrimination, unfavourable gender roles,Reproductive and Maternal Health, Marriage and divorce and domestic violence. Without safe water or sanitation, women are trapped in the circle of poverty and disease. Across Uganda, millions of Women are wasting precious time collecting dirty water, children are dying from preventable diarrhoeal diseases and communities have no latrines.

All these issues are directly and indirectly linked to poverty. RWIDF therefore uses collaborative approaches to address these issues with a keen eye on economic empowerment to end extreme poverty starting from the most vulnerable communities of western Uganda.

RWIDF values the needs and contributions of women in society today. We are committed to empowerment of women groups and girls through awareness rising on their rights, roles and responsibilities to enable them get actively involved in decision making process for improved livelihoods.